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Stone Pony has just completed this beautiful combination of a 60mm thick vanity top and a mirror frame, both made from recycled vintage French oak.



And this one made from recycled Tallowood



Stone Pony is hand-crafting barn doors out of recycled Tallowood and White Mahogany.


Our recycled Tallowood tables are available in 2.2 to 4 plus meters.  This 4.5 * 1.2 meter table was recently delivered to a very happy country customer.


Our recycled oregon tables can be ordered in 3.0 to 6.5 meter lengths, with seating arrangements between 10 and 26.

Our recycled Blackbutt tables are suitable for indoors and out.  


Custom Made Furniture
We know that only you and your family can tell what makes everyone feel comfortable, when it comes to creating the perfect home. We believe that’s the importance of custom made furniture. Our philosophy at Stone Pony has always been about creating, producing, and importing quality timber furniture in Australia that elicit a strong feeling of ‘home.’
Our crafters have worked with clients to craft custom made dining tables, chairs, vanities, cabinets, doors, chests, solid timber kitchen bench tops, etc. We are dedicated to creating that one-of-a-kind feeling you have been looking for in your home. With the worn and rugged character of reclaimed timber, distressed or textured patinas, and the unique narratives told by tables made from antique doors.

Custom Designs – Creating Something Unique
Our designers and crafters at Stone Pony help assist you in creating designs to help you complete a room. If you have a vision of the look you want to achieve in your living room, dining room, bathroom, or bedroom, we can work with you to bring about your vision to life with custom designed furniture. We will create designs to suit your rustic, industrial and coastal home décor, all while fitting with the size and space dimensions you need of a piece to properly fit with a room. We work with each client to meet their personal requirements in size, stability, shade, and artistic flourishes.

Handcrafted with Care – Completed with a High Quality Finish
After receiving your design, you can be assured that each custom made piece is made by hand and finished to the highest standard. Our crafters buff our custom made timber furniture by hand to achieve the overall look you desire.
For a more worn and aged look, we can also distress the wood or create a unique patina with specialised products to make your dining room table or sideboard a statement piece in the room. For those that desire a darker wood finish, we can treat wood with lacquer, oil, or a timber stain.

Custom Made Furniture with Reclaimed Timber
Reclaimed wood is often described as a material ‘that tells a story.’ It has its own charms and gives you a lot of the character that most people love about wood. This is timber that has been recycled from previous products and restored back to a beautiful condition. Giving new life to light and dark shades, in cool and warm hues. Each custom made timber furniture we make in Sydney, Australia is unique. Both in your design and the distinctive natural characteristics of the wood, especially in elm.

Durable Custom-Made Timber Furniture
Solid timber furniture offers renowned strength and durability that furniture made from veneer and plywood cannot reciprocate. In comparison to engineered wood, custom-made timber furniture showcases all the natural markings and character that engineered surfaces simply cannot imitate. It is just part of the reason that our crafters enjoy the work they do, crafting custom made furniture with natural reclaimed wood for the satisfaction of our clients.