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Handmade Custom Furniture in Sydney, Australia

We at Stone Pony offer a carefully curated range of solid timber furniture from China and India. Whether vintage, rustic or industrial we have pieces that will accent or re-invent your home. You will find inspirations that complement your style, fill large and small spaces or act as a feature in the room. Stone Pony also offers a custom range of furniture made from recycled Australian and imported timbers.
Our philosophy for Australian made furniture in Sydney is just make it great. Whether the end product is elegantly simple or rustic with a farmhouse feel, the production starts with an idea and refined requirements. Stone Pony’s custom designs are crafted from beautiful Australian and imported timbers.  We craft timber furniture that complements many rooms in a home including dining room tables, kitchen and bathroom benchtops and outdoor tables and benches. Recent pieces include Tallowwood and Blackbutt dining tables, timber kitchen bench tops, Elm and Pine vanities, Teak mantle pieces just to name a few. We have a client-centred approach to each project so that we can provide organic pieces to keep for a lifetime.

Beautiful Aussie Made Furniture

Stone Pony is an Australian, family-owned business and we’re able to bring you the best choices in timber furniture in Sydney. Our range of Aussie made furniture provides a selection of pieces that will complete the living spaces of your home; both inside and out.

The organic nature of timber has features that cannot be manufactured and highlighting these features when crafting a piece results in an individual, timeless piece. For customers having a piece of Australian made furniture in Sydney means having not only a distinctive piece but one that is earthy and durable.

Outdoor Australian Furniture That Can Take a Punch A big part of the classic Australian dream has been creating a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors in your backyard or on your deck at home. Besides the landscaping, and the tools you need to maintain your patio or deck, one of the next most important things to accomplish this space is the right outdoor, Australian-made furniture.  It’s fair to say that not any old piece will stand the test of time or even a season in the Australian weather and what sets quality outdoor furniture apart is its resistance to withstand the varied conditions of the outdoor environment in Australia. Stone Pony has a range of outdoor tables and benches that work under cover and in the elements. We also have a range of garden accessories to adorn a deck or finish a landscaped backyard.
Our Australian made outdoor furniture has been designed, crafted, and finished by our talented Aussie crafters. While using sustainably sourced materials such as recycled timber Stone Pony works with the organic features in the timber to bring the timber’s beauty and character to life. The finish of each piece is based on the timber and the customer’s requirements. The assurance is that you will enjoy creating memories around your Australian made outdoor piece for many seasons to come.
Stone Pony offers outdoor furniture that is Australian made and crafted with care. For beautiful pieces that you soon won’t see how you have ever lived without. As all our Aussie made furniture is made at our workshop, each piece is also entirely able to be customised on request.

Solid Timber Furniture

In addition to being long lasting and durable, the organic nature of solid wood furniture offers character, textures, and grains that you cannot find in wood veneer, plywood or engineered timber. Stone Pony imports furniture made of a variety of reclaimed timbers to bring aesthetically pleasing and affordable pieces to customers. Also, all of the unique custom furniture handmade at Stone Pony is crafted from reclaimed solid timber that is local and imported.

You can’t beat the organic beauty that nature offers and you can’t change changes you. We find that many Australians are drawn to the solid timber furniture at our handmade furniture at our Sydney warehouse. While some designs are similar, the timber in each piece is slightly different. Set your rooms apart by choosing a solid timber piece of furniture for your home.
If you love the look of solid timber furniture or cannot find just the right piece, check out our range of imported and custom furniture. We are proud of the excellence and care that goes into each product in our selection of Australian made furniture in Sydney.