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The making of a 2.2m Lazy Susan teak table

Still under construction as at 12/2/23

Before gluing the 70mm thick outer segments in place it's very wise to do an alignment test run, because once you start gluing there's no going back.  Each sliver in this table is cut at 3.75 degrees (there are 48 of them, and another 48 in the lazy susan), so the opportunity for cumulative error is high.  Even the 16 outer segments are cut at 11.25 degrees, so it's easy to mess these up too.

The table was actually built as a hexadecagon, partially rounded off using a bandsaw (prior to gluing in place) and then finely rounded into a true circle using a router jig with a 75mm long straight 1/2 in router bit.  Word of advice - good ear protection is essential as long router bits are LOUD.